TOBE Project
July 01 - 30, 2017

Exhibited artists: Marco Bell (VE-US), Gábor Kasza (HU), Réka Lőrincz (HU), Tomas Opitz (VE-HU), Soma Rétfalvi (HU), ROBOTTO (HU), Carla Tabora (BR-ES), Bruno Veiga (BR)


Global warming, environmental devastation, pollution, deforestation, spills… Disaster tourism, illegal loggers, pirates of mining extraction, real estate mafia, disregard, abandonment… These are themes, which are in our everyday life when we’re talking about our environment or surrounding nature.
Many artists also have given an answer through their work to this problem. But has this awareness reached all the common people? 
The purpose of this exhibition of almost ten artists, which is composed of contemporary photographs and works of sculptural installation, is to show their approach to this problem, which is becoming more and more strong with immediate relevance and scope, that maybe isn’t quite clear for us.
The artworks do not show the catastrophes in their completeness, actually, the time has a preponderant role. Even artists need time to understand, digest, approach, interpret and create. Also, time will give a different perspective, giving us new answers to the problems or even more poetic readings to their statements. But! There is not too much time, we must use different types of channels to talk and to show the meaning of our environmental problem.
This issue as many researchers have said is a cultural problem and therefore must have a multicultural approach. These nearly ten artists are of Hungarian, Latin American or Spanish origin. This background may make this interpretation of the problem truly multicultural, as well as their own approaches.



Curated by Bea Puskás – Tomas Opitz | TOBE Project
July 01 – 30, 2017

PEGAZUS | Szentbékkálla, Hungary

• special thanks to ENA-Everybody Needs Art


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