1965, Caracas - Venezuela
Lives and works in Miami
Represented by TOBE Gallery since 2017
  • “I use photography as a medium and as a tool, to “access” and give expression to the “inaccessible”: that which lives in the realm of light, inside and outside matter, in between matter… places with infinite possibilities, timeless realities that co-exist with ours. Art as an ever-growing entity from the invisible world has used throughout time different mediums and instruments (artists) to develop itself according to what is available at every given period. The painting-like expression of my photographs also aims to connect the underlying eternal presence of the ever-evolving-Art-Essence, from the work of the old fine art masters -which found its expression at that time through painting- to our contemporary ways. The expression accomplished in each photograph is a direct experience at the moment of capturing the image according to the energies of the given time and place. There is no post-production or lab work involved after the shooting. What you see is how the pictures were taken. I encompass this study/contemplation by the name of “Beyond this visible world”, to give me ample flexibility and freedom to go forward or retract without limit of expression regardless of the current boundaries that the medium can present.”



    IG Lili(ana)

Solo exhibitions


– Sensibilidad Virtual y Eros Electrónico presenting Epístolas Virtuális collaborative work with Atreyu’s Horse – Universidad Católica Andrés Bello – Int’l seminar / Caracas
– Invisible visible : Chronicle of inner Miami – TOBE Gallery / Budapest

– Un-wall-ing – Aluna Art Foundation / Miami

– There is always a way through – Aluna Art Foundation / Miami

– Unknown – Ah-Nab-Awen Park – Art prize / Grand Rapids

– Anotaciones de lo invisible – Centro Cultural Municipal / Santa Fé

– A propósito de… – Museo Granell / Santiago de Compostela

– Garden of delighted? Looking for Paradise – Alpha International Galleries / Miami

– El uno, el otro, el mismo – Galería Sólido / Caracas


Selected group exhibitions


– Los Hijos de Melusina – Incubadora visual – AWA Cultura / Miami
– SO[u]LIDARITÉ online – TOBE Gallery / Budapest
– Summer Show: Dreamers – summer show – TOBE Gallery / Budapest

– For Now: Contemporary Venezuelan Art of the Miami Diaspora – Coral Gables Museum – curated by Adriana Meneses, Yunelkys Villalonga / Miami
– Salón Internacional de Gráfica Contemporánea – Museo Nahím Isaías / Guayaquil
– PAPAYA curated by TOBE – Pegazus / Szentbékkálla

– PIÑA curated by TOBE – Pegazus / Szentbékkálla




– Viajero de un camino tortuoso – first prize – XXV. Salón de Art Lagoven / Caracas

– SER-ES – second prize – XXIV. Salón de Art Lagoven / Caracas


Selected PRESS


  • Ahol a válaszok a szívre várnak, Tóth Judit Nikoletta / ArtNews


  • Exhibition Review | Concerning the Spiritual in Art, Deborah Castellanos / blog



available artworks


Archival pigment ink prints on silk and paper from digital photography


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