The Nightmare Before Xmas

group show
December 1 - 22, 2020

Exhibited artists: Kincső Bede (RO-HU), Réka Bohus (HU), Carolina Chocron (AR), Ali Cordero Casal (VE), Árpád Forgó (HU), András Gál (HU), Cristina Kahlo (MX), Dora Kontha (HU), KUZO (VE), Jean-François Lepage (FR), László Mészáros (HU), Rocío Montoya (ES), Tomas Opitz (VE-HU), Balázs Sipos (HU), Júlia Standovár (HU), Carla Tabora (BR-ES), Dafna Talmor (UK), Astrid Van Dam (US), ZEUS (VE)


In view of the extraordinary situation we are currently living in, TOBE Gallery is presenting an unusual festive selection. The gallery mainly presents photography, but in this exhibition, TOBE Gallery wishes to draw attention through the participation of other artistic media, on the exciting encounters between photography, painting or even glass art. On this occasion, many guest artists will have the opportunity to be presented in an eerily delicate display. The title of the exhibition is a reference to Tim Burton’s 1993 animated film of the same title. The cult of the film becomes magical from Burton’s unique atmosphere. The grotesque and horrifying vision is accompanied by an incomparably gentle and delicate appearance, which is materialized in the exhibition through the confrontation of abstract, figurative and geometric works. Just as the animated little story completely captivates the viewer, the atmosphere of this exhibition will not allow for escape either. The exhibition tries to bring peace to our inner demons through art so that our preparations for festivities do not turn into a nightmare.


The Nightmare Before Xmas

December 01 – 22, 2020

TOBE Gallery | Budapest, Hungary

curators: Bea Puskás & Tomas Opitz





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