TOBE Project
June 30 - July 25, 2018

Exhibited artists: Bálint Álovits (HU), Carolina Chocron (AR), Judit Dombovári (HU), Kurt Hollander (DE), Gábor Kasza (HU), Réka Lőrincz (HU), Ákos Major (HU), Rocío Montoya (HU), Joaquín Salim (VE-US), ROBOTTO (HU), Márton Emil Tóth (HU), Ádám Urbán (HU)


Freedom. Ease. Innocence. Daring. Playground: an expression that includes an endless mosaic of subjective associations. An allegory of boundless enjoyment, where the term ‘enjoyment’ cannot be defined – as the unique perspective combining specific aspects of one’s inner world comes to the surface.
Our imaginary playground makes room for vivid imagination and the projection of our innermost thoughts and desires. There are no boundaries: although the slide may sometimes seem steep, and the swing gets too high, new prospects opened up by a sense of freedom without limitations do not arouse fear but tingling excitement in visitors.
The diverse and complex materials of the Playground exhibition present a number of ways to search for freedom and pleasure. The different individual approaches and typical artistic styles of the creators of the Playground offer a unique visual interpretation of searching for subjective happiness and pushing boundaries. The walls of the gallery provide a platform for the powerful and emotional expression of the innermost artistic self. In accordance with the playground theme, by looking it at these works of art, visitors find themselves on a kind of an emotional rollercoaster, which may sometimes frighten them, sometimes amaze them, or even make them wonder – but never leave them without impressions.
The creators of Playground show the way to the pictured distant mindset they have created through playful yet deep notions by adding their idiosyncratic signatures or capturing and representing their individual perceptions. This is their story. This is their playground.


© Alexandra Fejes, social media manager



Curated by Bea Puskás – Tomas Opitz | TOBE Project
June 30 – July 25, 2018

opened by Iván András Bojár, art historian

PEGAZUS | Szentbékkálla, Hungary

• special thanks to ENA-Everybody Needs Art


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