TOBE Project
July 28 - August 20, 2018

Exhibited artists: Bálint Álovits (HU), Ákos Bánki (HU), Gustavo Blanco-Uribe (VE-ES), Réka Bohus (HU), Claudia Camillo (IT), Yusuke Fukui (JP), István Halmi-Horváth (HU), Dora Kontha (HU), KUZO (VE), Lili(ana) (US), Bence Marafkó (HU), László Mészáros (HU), Anikó Robitz (HU)


The term piña, which is also included in the exhibition title, refers back to its basic meaning, i.e. to pineapples and their shape, which is made up of strict geometric units and yellow basic colour, on the one hand, and to another language use, according to which it means “to collect” and “to bring together from various units” on the other.
PIÑA primarily covers the generations of artists who are about 30 or 40 years old and use different techniques (in particular painting and photography), whose works of art feature not only precise and abstract (sometimes organic) geometric shapes but often also cold yellow or metal surfaces as basic elements. This exhibition is special because it does not aim to display all forms of geometric abstraction based on regular and identical principles, but it is brave enough to present the unique and self-contained character of the aforementioned generations, thereby providing an exciting and colourful palette of the spirit of the age through nonfigurative approaches. In addition, since the exhibition is organised by TOBE Project, particular emphasis is given to photography and its less prominent figurative art form.
Thanks to individual representations, playing with space, cold basic colours, identical forms suggesting anything specific or anything originating from nature, these works just fall into place in Pegazus and bring the stricter form of nonfigurative art closer to visitors with delicate ease typical of summer.

©Flóra Mészáros, art historian



Curated by Bea Puskás – Tomas Opitz | TOBE Project
July 28 – August 20, 2018

opened by Flóra Mészáros, art historian

PEGAZUS | Szentbékkálla, Hungary

• special thanks to ENA-Everybody Needs Art


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