Measure of emotional time

by Carla Tabora
February 06 - March 08, 2019

Measure of emotional time.


Which would be the concept of emotional time? We often say that times fly when we are busy, or in our childhood playing time could last long hours without noticing, even as adults we are constantly repeating ourselves that we are out of time, we don’t have time to do what we would like. Even when we are sad or depressed, time passes extremely slowly. Through these thoughts, I have done photographic research on daily events. It is an aesthetic and poetic proposition and furthermore an investigation of the mechanism of subjective perception of time. How to photograph time? − abstract and physic.
Heraclitus of Ephesus considered that everything is in perpetual change and transformation; movement is the law of the Universe and its beginning, fire. Everything flows, he claimed, for him, time is prioritized over the being. Plato’s theory was that we have a sensible world defined by a process of transformation and on the other side we have an abstract and perfect world of ideas defined by incorruptibility and eternity.

In the space-time theory conceived by Einstein time can’t be separated from the other three space dimensions but depends on the movement of the observer. Essentially two observers would measure different times for the interval between two events because it will depend on the relative speed between the observers. Knowing these theories and developing the empirical part of time perception, I have organized four systems of observation that result in four photographic sequences where the timeline behaves in different ways.
At TOBE Gallery I will be showing three systems: A timeline in my garden, Soap Dance and By the open window

©Carla Tabora


Measure of emotional time by Carla Tabora  (BR-ES)

February 06 – March 08, 2019
opened by Zsófia Szamosi, actress

part of the official program of the Budapest Photo Festival 2019

TOBE Gallery | Budapest, Hungary


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