invisible visible | chronicles of inner Miami

by Lili(ana)
February 14 - March 14, 2018

I am but an explorer in the realms of the invisible. In silent wonderment, I strive to under­stand and capture the invisible phenomena, their whereabouts, and events -past and/or future- that mold our world. Attentive to the message within the obvious (everything that surrounds us), I look for their portals to sneak in. For the obvious are just fingers that point towards the various invisible planes. I am but a seeker of those higher realms where answers for the heart await.
The visual chronicles of the inner Miami “expedition’; being presented at TOBE Gallery, are an invitation to explore and experience the “invisibilities” of a city in the process of becoming.



Warning: The expression accomplished in each photograph is a direct experience at the moment of capturing the image according to the energies of the given time and place. There is no post-production or Jab work involved after the shooting. What you see is how the pictures were taken.


By the way, “Beyond this visible world” is the title and the motto of my photography studies.


invisible visible | chronicles of inner Miami by Lili(ana)  (VE-US)

February 14 – March 14, 2018
opened by Orsolya Karafiáth, writer

part of the Budapest Photo Festival ’18 official program

TOBE Gallery | Budapest, Hungary



  • Ahol a válaszok a szívre várnak, Tóth Judit Nikoletta / ArtNews

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