by Claudia Kraus
June 20 - August 01, 2018

“insight” is a journey through inner landscapes, an immersion into a quiet, poetically dense world of archetypical symbols. A journey into the deep.

I see landscape as a projection screen for states of the soul, visually manifested and experienced in my photographs. Memories and dreams as well as the collective unconscious influence how the images are experienced.

The Japanese aesthetic concept of Yugen – finding beauty in the dark, appreciating the hinted higher than the obviously exposed – inspires me as well as the idea of mystic immersion in nature, a guiding theme of Romanticism.

Abstract forms and structures can be discovered in the graphic/photographic series “shapes_and_lines_connections”, become visible as links to nature – concentration and dissolution are key themes.

©Claudia Kraus


Insight by Claudia Kraus (AU)

June 20 – August 01, 2018

opened by Musica Moralia

TOBE Gallery | Budapest, Hungary


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