A Hundred Words and Seven Things

by Anna Fabricius
March 02 - April 02, 2022

A Hundred Words and Seven Things / Száz szó és hét dolog


Language perforates thinking, so that we can only think of what is given, within the systems of language.”
Anna Fabricius’ exhibition A Hundred words and seven things questions the above assumption and experience. The artist’s new series plays with the mutual interaction of known and unknown words, meanings, associations, notions and images. Her child learning to speak provided the inspiration behind her approach. Parents, like their children, try to interpret what they hear and to fit that into the framework of their own reality. Fabricius often employs texts to complement her photography, in this series “words” from baby talk, which she translates into visuality,
Through her meticulously composed photographies and the gesture drawings that overwrite her landscapes Fabricius explores novel aesthetic qualities, which come through as philosophical, sensitive and personal. The large-scale picture duo entitled “Working Mum” and “Brave Dad” offers a framework for the expanse of the verbal and visual freedom of the exhibition.
Ágnes Nemes-Nagy: Word and Wordlessness (1975)


A Hundred Words and Seven Things by Anna Fabricius  (HU)

March 02 – April 02, 2022

opened by Anna T. Szabó, poetess

TOBE Gallery | Budapest, Hungary

• with the support of the National Cultural Fund of Hungary NKA


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