group show
February 08 - 25, 2023

Exhibited artists: Kincső Bede (HU-RO), Réka Bohus (HU), Ali Cordero Casal (VE-US), Katherine Di Turi (VE-UK), Anna Fabricius (HU), András Gál (HU), J.F. Julian (FR), Andi Kacziba (HU-IT), Adrienn Mária Kiss (HU), Dora Kontha (HU), Jean-François Lepage (FR), Ákos Major (HU), Anthony Marchetti (US), Balázs Sipos (HU), Júlia Standovár (HU)


“We that are true lovers run into strange capers; but as all is mortal in nature, so is all nature in love mortal in folly.”

William Shakespeare.


LOVE is a complex mix of emotions, behaviours, and beliefs associated with intense feelings of affection or deep attachment towards someone or something… so in art too.


Winter Show: FCKN LOVE
February 08 – 25, 2023

TOBE Gallery | Budapest, Hungary

curators: Bea Puskás & Tomas Opitz


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