Anima Mundi • NIGHT of the YEAR '23

by Máté Bartha
July, 2023

Anima Mundi


Anima Mundi: World soul. Although attributed to Plato, the idea already existed in even earlier cultures. It is a force permeating matter, giving shape and function to its parts and its entirety. The assumption of an organizing principle. The theory appears again in the Renaissance to stay with us – from Paracelsus to Hegel – until modern thought, as the focal point of discussions on the order of things; or the structure of contingency.

Máté Bartha’s most recent project, in which – working closely together with curator Emese Mucsi, and composer Márk Bartha – he observes urban environment as a grammatical structure.


Les Rencontres de la Photographie
Night of the Year 2023

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Anima Mundi by Máté Bartha

Curator: Emese Mucsi, curator at Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center
Multimedia: Máté Bartha
Music: Márk Bartha
Supported by the Hungarian Ministry of Human Capacities

July, 2023


Anima Mundi 49, 2021 | 70 x 65 cm | Ed. 1/1

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