666 by ZEUS

TOBE Project
February 28, 2021


Prendan hogueras,

sin superstición.

Mi cuerpo inflamable.

Tu mundo inflamable.

Mi carne quemada.

Tu esencia quemada.

Arde mi cama.

Arden tus penas.

Prendan hogueras,

al diablo no le irá mejor.

Prendan hogueras,

al diablo no le irá peor.


Zeus Milenko Steven Salas was born in 1992 in Caracas, Venezuela. His painting is embarrassingly honest and personal, but nonetheless, his search for interactivity is no stranger to his artistic practice. The essence of his works can often be interpreted through the messages placed in his paintings, which have an inner, hidden symbolism. The use of letters and numbers gives to the viewer an opportunity to decipher their meaning. In addition to Basquiat, his art was influenced by the works of Rothko, Mondrian, Klein, Pollock and Haring. After a detour to Buenos Aires and a short trip to Paris, he has been living and working in Budapest since 2019. Since December 2020, he is represented by TOBE Project.


666 by ZEUS (VE) | live painting performance

February 28, 2021 | 10:00 – 16:00

TOBE Gallery | Budapest, Hungary


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