Raining Trees by Patel Rebelo

TOBE Project @ TOBE Cabinet
September 13 - November 02, 2023

Chovem Árvores | Raining Trees by Patel Rebelo (PT)

September 13 – November 02, 2023

TOBE Cabinet | Budapest, Hungary


In the periods of dry land, nothing but tears were seen to fall from the heavens. They covered children, grandchildren, and generations but, even so, nothing was nourished from there, nothing sprouted.
Insipid way of living life. Blame of the many, responsibility of the few.
Perhaps it wasn’t known but everyone is welcome to the place of contemplation we call love, even though few dare to try and live there free from false illusions and misleading interpretations.
Those lands dried due to a lack of love. And not even the sun’s rays, with their warm and luminous gestures, eager to stop the impulses of the wind that rushes in and rips what crosses its way, have given up. But love wasn’t that.
However, to those who never stopped believing, under the bright moon, was shown a rain of trees.
Gleaming and lush, landing delicately, ready to teach that watering is thought out to the millimetre, and that only then will its shadows and fruits serve as encouragement.



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